Priestess of Light Mystery School

The Priestess of Light Mystery school is a beautiful collaboration with my dearest soul sister Helen Gray of ‘The Alchemy of Light’. Together we are twin souls who draw forth the heart-light of Sophia to Earth, bringing deep soul alchemy on many levels to all that bless us with their commitment. We bring together the great pantheon of the Egyptian Mystery Schools, the soul of Avalonian wisdom and the vaste knowledge of the many star systems that support spiritual growth on our planet.

It is with great joy and excitement that we create our partnership, our unity of light if you will and share it with our soul brothers and sisters expanding this spiritual community to all those who feel the calling to go deep on their spiritual path, remembering what they have forgotten and realigning with who they are truly meant to be.

Our foundation year will be unfolding in January 2021 where the doors to our first Pillar of training will open. The Initiate of Light is a 6 month journey with the many and varied faces of the divine. To find out more about this beautiful training or register your interest click here.

We await your divine presence.

With deepest gratitude and love

Rachael and Helen