Stellar Light Healing Events

I was inspired to set up Stellar Light Healing Events by two of my dearest friends who at the time both worked in the wellness industry and had their fingers on the pulse. I kept coming back to the thought, gosh they would create the most amazing mind, body and spirit fairs with all the contacts they have – what an amazing day out that would be. As it turned out it was not their path at all it was mine and from that first moment I took on a whole new outlook. I could work in this industry. I could be the healer I had always dreamed of being.

Now I am a soul reader and sacred mentor who works with all on their path to awakening, aiding them intuitively to clear, purify and rise from stuck ancestral patterns and live their truth in this lifetime. These events are in honour of the gifts I have been blessed with bringing together light-workers from across the UK to shine a light and raise the vibration of Earth with all they do.

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