Starting Out

Stellar Light Healing Events

Stellar Light Healing Events is being reborn from the glorious ashes of the Healing Hub, realigning with my other ventures so I project into the world the true face of who I am not hiding behind the light of others or taking on the image of who I think will make others feel more comfortable. So today as the New Moon dawns in Aquarius I fly forth with brand new dates for 2020: Sunday 3rd May and Sunday 23rd August. My intention moving forward is to fill the current venue with a varying mix of offerings from rune readers to angelic oracles, Reiki healers to soul mentors, homeopathic solutions to sound medicine showcasing as much of what East Yorkshire has to offer, all under one roof.

Our pop up cafe will raise money for Earth charities and our programme of workshops will bring forth opportunities for you to expand your experiences, learn and grow wherever you are on your path. If all this resonates with you then pop us in your diary or reach out to apply for a stand.

With love and light and the deepest gratitude

Rachael Staples

Founder of Stellar Light Healing Events